48-Hours Film Project Punta del Este 2020

The selection of films that will represent Uruguay was made in the international event of the 48-Hours Film Project. The Punta del Este chapter of the contest is held for the fifth consecutive year and the winners were announced on December 20 by Channel 11.

La Barra Bridge

The Leonel Viera Bridge, or the Undulant Bridge, or more frequently referred to as the La Barra Bridge. Due to its architectural characteristics, it is among the most famous in Uruguay, as well as being one of the most internationally recognized icons of Punta del Este and in itself constitutes a tourist attraction, passing through it is an adventure for young and old.

Fishing in Punta del Este

One of the most popular sports and recreational activities in Punta del Este is fishing. Every year many tourists join the local inhabitants who are passionate about this silent sport, and Punta del Este offers them exceptional places for this practice. This note invites you on a tour of these places and tells you about the fish species that can be found.

Full capacity flag in beachs

This summer the beaches of Punta del Este will have a new flag to avoid crowds on the beaches. In addition to the known signs (green, yellow and red), the “sanitary flag” is added, it will serve to indicate to the personnel of the National Naval Prefecture and the public that attends the different beaches about the full capacity to respect the minimum distance of security according to the rules implemented to prevent the contagion of Covid-19. “This element is intended to alert and avoid the concentration of bathers on the same beach. It is a flag specially designed as a preventive health measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, "reported the Maldonado Departmental Government, which recommends, if you see this indication," go to another beach to enjoy the summer responsibly. "