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From September 1st Uruguay opens its borders

The Government of Uruguay decided to open the borders from September 1 to foreigners who own properties in Uruguay. It will be a requirement to be vaccinated with the complete scheme against Covid-19 and they must present a negative PCR test at the time of admission. The measure includes property owners, their spouses (legal or de facto) and children. Likewise, and as of November 1, foreigners will be able to enter the national territory as tourists, fulfilling the same vaccination and testing requirements.

Full capacity flag in beachs

This summer the beaches of Punta del Este will have a new flag to avoid crowds on the beaches. In addition to the known signs (green, yellow and red), the “sanitary flag” is added, it will serve to indicate to the personnel of the National Naval Prefecture and the public that attends the different beaches about the full capacity to respect the minimum distance of security according to the rules implemented to prevent the contagion of Covid-19. “This element is intended to alert and avoid the concentration of bathers on the same beach. It is a flag specially designed as a preventive health measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, "reported the Maldonado Departmental Government, which recommends, if you see this indication," go to another beach to enjoy the summer responsibly. "

The number 1 restaurant in Uruguay

The Academy of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America, an influential group of more than 250 leaders in the restaurant industry in Latin America, this year chose the Parador La Huella of José Ignacio as the best restaurant in Uruguay, placing it also in the 28th place in its ranking for the continent.

Safe summer

The guide for vacationers on the beaches of Uruguay The Ministers of Public Health and the Interior of the Uruguayan government, Daniel Salinas and Jorge Larrañaga, held meetings with the departmental heads of the municipalities that cover the coastal areas to define and agree on the protocols to be applied during the coronavirus pandemic in the summer season 2020/2021.

Airport of Punta del Este

The Airports of Carrasco and Punta del Este exempt from aeronautical fees in order to promote internal tourism. The aeronautical tariff exemption measure will be in force between November 2020 and February 2021 inclusive, it is aimed at aircraft with Uruguayan registration of up to 4 tons of maximum take-off weight.