La Barra

Located 10 km east of the peninsula is La Barra de Maldonado. Originally a fishing village and with some houses belonging to aristocratic families from San Carlos who were the first to build their summer residences in this area.
La Barra is distinguished by a rustic and informal style, where the semi-rugged environment is combined with a very good service structure, characteristics that make it ideal for a relaxed lifestyle away from the rhythm of the city.
However, this quiet place communicates with the city of Punta del Este by modern roads, which allow you to reach the city center in a matter of minutes. This short trip is an attraction in itself, as it borders the rugged beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.
Another attraction of La Barra in the summer season is its nightlife. Populated with pubs, bars and restaurants, the young scene of Punta del Este has its epicenter here where you can enjoy the top summer spots, along with personalities from the world of fashion and entertainment that spend the summer in La Barra de Maldonado.


Front line houses
Front line houses
Bordering the coast of La Barra, on rocky beaches, the houses in the first line with direct views of the sea stand out.


A beach day
A beach day
La Barra beach in a day with full sun and sea.


Surf in La Barra
Surf in La Barra
The coast of La Barra is a meeting place for young people passionate about Surfing. In the hours when high tide advances, the waves are conducive to it.


Main street of La Barra
Main street of La Barra
View of Av. Eduardo V. Haedo (Route 10), the main artery in the commercial center of La Barra.





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