La Carolina

Located on the Juan Díaz de Solís route, route 10 kilometer 108,5 just 6 kilometers from the Laguna del Sauce airport, Punta del Este, is this old ranch called La Carolina.
This ranch extends for 400 hectares and has a 3200-meter shoreline overlooking the sea, giving its inhabitants an almost exclusive beach and an incredible lagoon that the river forms during the year at its mouth, until it joins the sea during a short time in the spring.
Towards the east of the lagoon there is a dense pine forest that reaches the dunes, a few meters from the sea. Today the La Carolina ranch has been divided into 60 farms of approximately 5 hectares, some of them with 140 meters of sea coast within the fraction.
The owners of these lands have built some internal roads and a bridge over the river to reach the most inaccessible places. The residents of La Carolina are committed to preserving the environment, without opening public streets or infrastructure that alters the natural landscape.
Preserving itself as a wild place, with gravel paths drawn in the green mantle, its natural beaches of incomparable beauty, and the different views that La Carolina offers, make this estancia a unique place in Punta del Este.
This project has been going on for several years and has led to the construction of beautiful houses with all the comfort and exquisite taste. Visual artists, architects and filmmakers have chosen and fallen in love with this place where the countryside and the sea come together to form a unique and exclusive place in Punta del Este, a private neighborhood on the sea, La Carolina.


La Carolina Beach
La Carolina Beach
La Carolina has more than 3,000 meters. of coastline that make up a wide beach of golden sands of invaluable tranquility and privacy.


Beautiful lagoon surrounded by local vegetation
Beautiful lagoon surrounded by local vegetation
La Carolina ranch has places of incredible natural beauty. The lagoon formed by a small river, which once a year breaks and empties into the sea, is one of the most magical and hidden landscapes of Punta del Este, accessible only to the inhabitants of the exclusive farms that share this private neighborhood.


Farms with extensive meadows and groves
Farms with extensive meadows and groves
This ranch is located on land from 5 hectares ideal for planning farms both to enjoy on vacation, rent to high-profile tourism or to live all year round. An excellent and profitable investment.





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