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Farm Monte Indio for sale and rent in La Carolina, Punta del Este
Monte Indio maritime farm, located at Estancia La Carolina, occupying 8,500 m2. of surface in the zoning of this old farm of 400 hectares and 3,200 meters of coastline on the sea, of which 140 meters correspond to this property.

The construction, a project by the architect Pachi Firpo, is developed in a cubist line with a clear predominance of geometry and perspectives, large functional spaces, practical distribution of the different levels and environments, and the use of external light. All characteristics of this renowned Argentine architect who has adopted Punta del Este and La Carolina as his place in the world.
The furniture, also designed by Pachi, functionally adapts to the style, profile, shapes and functionality of the house.
Scattered throughout the landscaped property that surrounds the house are several sculptural works that appear sprinkling the landscape with art. Also a work by Pachi, these sculptures are of great artistic value, in addition to being perfectly combined with the larger work that is the Monte Indio farm.

Turning to the characteristics of the house, it has about 900 covered m2, distributed in three independent housing blocks.

- The main house consists of a central environment, occupied by a large living room with a fireplace and a dining room. The heating is centralized.
The lodging facilities are comprised of 1 suite on the ground floor and 2 on the upper level, which have ocean views.
The kitchen is generous in size and fully equipped, a dining room and 1 toilet.
The service units are attached to the house, with a living room, a bedroom, a kitchenette and a bathroom. Laundry room, machine room and generator.
Outside, on the front facing the forest, we find a wide and shady gallery open to the park where at its end is the solarium and a designer pool inserted in the park.

- The guest house has an exterior hall, a living room and 2 spacious suites, one with a view of the sea and the other with a view of an olive grove.

- A spacious atelier overlooking the olive trees and the park, with an en-suite bedroom and a large storage room.

At the edge of the farm, at the foot of the sea and the beach, we find a beach house with an important deck with pergola and amenities, barbecue, a full bathroom and a large solarium.

The natural environment of La Carolina is one of the most remarkable points of this ranch, crossed by a stream that empties into the sea and which during part of the year appears as a lagoon, lush native vegetation, groves, bushes and an area of ​​suitable grasslands for cattle grazing and horse breeding.


Main house of the Chacra Monte Indio
Main house of the Chacra Monte Indio
This magnificent maritime farm, located in the old Estancia La Carolina, has as its epicenter a spacious and modular main house surrounded by nature, between forests and the sea. An ideal place to reside all year round or enjoy an exclusive vacation.


The pool as a continuity of the exterior gallery
The pool as a continuity of the exterior gallery
The house is designed based on concepts of functionality but also visual aesthetics and integration of interior and exterior spaces as harmony and continuity.


View of the spacious and bright living room of the main house
View of the spacious and bright living room of the main house
The interiors of the house present generous spaces that prioritize habitability and enjoyment.
All the furniture was specially designed for the house following its lines and the destination for which they were designed.


Sculptural group by Pachi Firpo in the gardens of Monte Indio
Sculptural group by Pachi Firpo in the gardens of Monte Indio
Throughout the farm we find great sculptural works integrated into the landscape by the architect Pachi Firpo, who is also responsible for the general project of this beautiful farm.


View of the beach house with its central space on a slope
View of the beach house with its central space on a slope
Getting to the beach, of which the property has 140 meters. in front, we find a large beach house built in wood, with a large pergola. The central space on a slope offers shelter and comfort to enjoy an evening by the sea.


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3 +1 Toiletes
Service rooms
Guest house


• Garage
• Quincho
• Pool
• Barbecue
• Outdoor furniture
• Space for sports
• Deck
• Laundry
• Gallery
• Garden


Air conditioning
• Air conditioning
• Ceiling fan
• Central heating


900 Mts2
150 Mts2
80,557 Mts2


• On the beach
• First line
• Sea view
• Side view
• Forest view


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